IT Help-Desk Solutions

IT Help-Desk Solutions

A Service Desk is a primary IT function within the discipline of IT service management (ITSM) as defined by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It is intended to provide a Single Point of Contact ("SPOC") to meet the communication needs of both users and IT staff, and also to satisfy both Customer and IT Provider objectives. "User" refers to the actual user of the service, while "Customer" refers to the entity that is paying for service.

A virtual help desk allows IT support organizations to virtually deploy IT technicians on demand to support a computer user experiencing technical issues. IT can efficiently manage and allocate global help desk resources, including – most importantly – its personnel, to access any computer to provide support despite the end user or IT rep location. Virtual help desks allow IT reps to virtually access end systems through support sessions where they can diagnose and fix computer issues quickly. This eliminates in-person customer service calls and/or ineffective phone-only tech support sessions, making the help desk more efficient.

Another objective of the virtual help desk is to improve IT resource management and save organization's money by increasing IT support efficiencies. Through an enhanced ability to allocate resources, IT organizations have the flexibility to create new ways of using its technical support knowledge-base. This technology usually requires a software implementation and support contract.

Web Help Desk offers centralized and automated IT asset and inventory management to help you keep track of the hardware and software assets in your IT infrastructure. You can discover all the IT assets in your network by scheduling auto-asset discovery, and obtain asset information, including host name, model, serial number, logged-in user, hard drive, and installed software. You can also track asset purchase orders, set up asset warranty expiration alerts, and integrate Web Help Desk with popular IT Asset Discovery Solutions to map asset data with service tickets.

Web Help Desk eliminates redundancy in help desk operations through built-in knowledge base and change management. Using the knowledge base, you can create FAQ articles and build an internal knowledge repository for IT technicians to consolidate and share content.

Web Help Desk integrates IT ticketing and change management to let you manage change requests through automated approval workflows. Based on your needs, you can customize change approval workflows that vary from single approval to multiple approvals, set up reminders for pending approvals, and more.

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