Virtual SIM (Multi MSISDN)

  • Virtual Number service enables operators to offer an additional number  to subscriber on a single SIM card. 
  • Virtual Number service is built on open standards, independent of SIM application,  offering a solution that  meets all  the diverse  requirements of  mobile operators  and subscribers. 
  • This is a complete IN based solution for voice call and Mobile originated message handling.
  • If the user has activated the virtual number then the virtual number will be displayed as CLI for all MO call initiated by the user and calling party number will be the virtual number for all SMS submitted by the user.
  • All voice calls and SMS destined for the virtual number will be terminated to primary number.
  • Activated MSISDN (Primary or Virtual) will be charged for voice call/SMS.
  • VNS service will be deployed and executed on SEE (service execution environment) of Green Room Platform.