About VROX

About VROX

VROX is a leading technology hub dedicated to obsessively Business Integration, Software development and Solution consulting. We at VROX see our future staying at fore front of technology being always a reliable partner on the way to success in business. VROX has considerable innovative skills in different development methodologies, multidimensional capabilities to take up any challenge of large application development projects and offer high quality cost-effectiveness, time saving, sate of art technology and above all reliability.


VROX is providing B2B & B2C services in the space of ICT since 2002.

Pioneered Web Services in Pakistan  & System Development/integrator.

VROX is prominent name in the areas of telecoms and banking, with capabilities in the broad range of Software experience and other Services.


VROX has helped the group to quickly deliver quality results to his clients and thus earning their confidence. Group assures through its dedicated enterprises that take up any challenging project however, small or big will be executed to the best standard manage professionally, completed on time and delivered with substantial cost savings. In short, Group is producer of leading technology, many major expositions, customized events and is consistently demonstrating the ability to modernize beyond what others in field have accepted as limits..
Very recently, VROX has expanded into telecom sector through collaboration with some leading industry experts who are actually backbone to knowledge-base, training’s and the solutions for telecom sector while the software expertise of VROX embed their expertise into software solutions. We offer our clients distinctive benefits. VROX supports the software development and Telecom industry through practical and effective project solutions, provided through a customized combination of consulting, training and products. Each of these “arms” supports the other, while also functioning separately. We can confidently say that our clients are better managing their projects and streamlining their development practices as a result of our support.

We believe that Quality is pillar of successful implementation. If this is your choice then we are ready and look forward to work with you.

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