Deploy a secure and reliable network infrastructure with networking and virtualization training courses and certifications

With Learning Tree’s Networking and Virtualization training curriculum, you learn to deploy, install, and troubleshoot networks and virtual machines. Gain skills in VMware, TCP/IP, IPv6 and Hyper-V, or enhance your credentials with networking certifications like CompTIA A+ or CompTIA Network.Networking programs, like the (Cisco Certified Network Associate) CCNA and (Cisco Certified Network Professional) CCNP courses, which prepare students for the certification exams of the same name, and other computer-related courses.

Networking Academy offers a variety of courses in networking, such as CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional), Wireless Networking and Network Security, among others. The CCNA is offered in two models, Discovery provides general networking theory and offers a hands-on career-oriented approach. Exploration is for more advanced learners and covers protocols and theory in depth, each is divided into four courses. Both the Exploration and Discovery tracks lead to industry-recognized CCNA certifications. CCNP courses follow from the CCNA and are offered as three separate certificated courses.

The latest revision of the Networking courses, entitled “Routing and Switching”, released in 2013, re-combines the Discovery and Exploration tracks. The first two courses, Network Basics and Routing and Switching Essentials, are designed to map to the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry-level Network Technician) competencies. There are additional courses in development to map fully to the new CCNA competencies.


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